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Attendance at Creditors’ Meetings

All creditors should be represented at the creditors’ meeting. There is a huge increase in the number of companies going into liquidation. This year the number of companies going bust is expected to be double the 2009 figure.

Butler & Co. will attend creditors meetings on your behalf free of charge. In order to do so, the General Proxy must be completed, correctly and posted into us in good time, together with:-

2 Latest statement of account setting out your balance outstanding.

3 The notice convening the meeting stating the time & place of the creditors meeting.

4 Any other background information, e.g details of a potential scheme of arrangement previously proposed, date of the last payment received by you, any settlement offers made to you, etc..

5 Any question(s) you would especially like answered

This is a very valuable and added benefit service which provides clients with:

  • A real-time saving
  • provides a copy of the Statement of Affairs which gives them a list of creditors who have now suffered a bad debt and who may be an existing   customer on your Debtors ledger which would need particular review now.
  • A short set of minutes of the creditors’ meeting and a statement as to our opinion on the likelihood of a dividend being payable to the unsecured creditors.

We are also happy to attend the annual creditors meeting and report back in like manner.

If you have any questions relating to Proxy Forms, Creditors’ Meetings or any of our services, please contact us in total confidence on 01-6610036 or 086-2556603

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